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Elektronikudvikling gsm RED 2014/53/EU Certificate Skræddersyet GSM module elektronik udvikling GSM Bluetooth RED 2014/53/EU Certificate
RED 2014/53/EU Certificate

elektronikudvikling GSM Control produktmodning

GSM antenna antenne elektronikudvikling
wifi_antenne antenna elektronikudvikling

WedeCon Design tilbyder

WiFi – 3G GSM and GPS – Bluetooth Beacon

Get your electronics products wireless enabled on
WiFi – 3G GSM or Bluetooth.
Also APP controlled by an IOS app and  Andriod app.

Skræddersyet CJMCU modul udvikling

Contact WedeCon Design for your Wireless customization.
Elektronikproduktion Elektronikmontage Kina- Danmark prototypemontage tilbydes

3 GSM - 4 bånds antenne
Quad Band GSM Antenna antenne
 Effective  - 3dbi Gain

Min. quantity: 50 pcs
  - ( SMA MALE)
Product code :  GSMANT003DB
Wifi- Bluetooth antenne
Wifi - Bluetooth Antenna antenne Effective - 5dbi Gain

Min. quantity: 50 pcs
  - ( SMA FEMALE)'
Product code :  WIFIANT005DB

Fjernbetjening - Remote Control - HCS301 -433Mhz BLUECHIMNEY

Fjernbetjening REMOTE  Draftoptimizer Elektronik EOT RED 2014/53/EU Herning Rolling Code HCS301 433.92Mhz Remote elektronikudvikling

Relay Relæ Land Rover GSM GPS IPCU PCU relay box elektronikudvikling GSM Control WKY8870 D3/RRS Easy IPCU  WKY8870#02
Fjernbetjening - Remote Control -
Rolling Code HCS301 433.92Mhz
Garage Carport control - 12v battery
Customized Symbols possible
Min. quantity: 10 to 50 pcs
Product code :  WEK1000
Fjernbetjening - Remote Control
Rolling Code HCS301
Remote White - Any Colour possible.
Customized Botton Symbols
CE & RoHs
RED 2014/53/EU Certificate
Coin Cell Battery
Min. quantity: 10 to 50 pcs
Product code :  WEK1105
Customized Kundetilpasset
Automotive Relæ boks easy IPCU - Relay module IPCU
GSM GPS IPCU Remote Relay Control Module.
Variable heater control for Landrover-
Also with variable active low and active high relay enable function.
Customized relay trigging polarity - Remote Black -
Back-up Battery
Min. quantity:   contact WedeCon for details-
Product code WKY8870
GSM SHOP Trådløs 0-10V Draftoptimizer  elektronikudvikling elektronikmontage Skræddersyet CJMCU modul udvikling
Bluechimney draftoptimizer fjernbetjening remote
d3 rss ipcu
Wireless or on Cable.
 0-10V Module variable Control  - possible 433.92Mhz.
Customization -  Skræddersyet elektronikudvikling
Any Colour possible
CE / RED 2014/53/EU Certificate
Min. quantity: 50 pcs
Product code :  WEK1201E
 DC power 2.1mm kabel stik GSM udvikling elektronik
DC power konnektor kabel 5.5mm x 2.1mm   Min. quantity: 100 pcs
Product code :  WEP1001P

 . Kundetilpassset WiFi - GSM dataopsamlings modul .
Cloud aflæsning løsning mulig...
Temperatur - Fugtighed - Flow måling - Pulse måling - Maskinstyring

Elektronikudvikling 3G GSM Maskinstyring dataopsamling WiFi
HX711 IC Scale elektronikudvikling HX 711
Automotive 6 Channel Temperature  RS232- RS485- CANbus BodyCamera danmark DK elektronikudvikling GPS
HX711 Weight Scale IC - Weighing Scale IC HX711
Also customized kundetilpasset module development
Min. quantity: 50 pcs HX711 ic
Product code :  WEP1010WS  - Danmark
Automotive 6 Channel Temperature
 sensor- RS232- RS485- CANbus.
Customization -  Skræddersyet elektronikudvikling.
CE / RED 2014/53/EU Certificate.
Min. quantity: 50 pcs.
Product code :  WEK13053E
  Security Body Camera - Krops Kamera. - 10 Hours recording.
 USB interface - LCD Screen - Wi-Fi / GPS Possible
Min. quantity: 10 to 50 pcs
Product code :  WECAM100T
Mosfet TO-92 P-channel TO92 T0-92 Danmark DK
elektronikudvikling elektronik udvikling Skræddersyet CJMCU modul udvikling

Skrædersyet CJMCU modul elektronikudvikling
Body Camera Danmark butik
Mosfet TO-92 P-channel TO92 T0-92 Danmark DK.  Pchannel 60V - 500mA - 12ohm -
Min. quantity: 10 to 50 pcs
Product code :  WEFET60YU
Magnet Neodymium magnets pris Danmark DK
Magnet Neodymium magnets - N50  - 10mm Diameter - 5mm Thick - Min quantity 2 pcs
 Security Body Camera - Krops Kamera. - 8 Hours recording.
 USB interface -  - Wi-Fi / GPS Possible
Kundetilpasset Customized logo and Color
Min. quantity: 10 to 50 pcs
Product code :  WECAM120T

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